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whats the main yuna policy?

We are dedicated to optimizing our environmental performance.

  • constant improvement of our environmental management system
  • implementation of production and distribution of products and services, ensuring sustainable resource conservation, the occupational safety of our employees and avoiding any negative impact on the environment

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gloss water-base varnish

in two sizes packing

gloss coating
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matt water-base varnish

in two sizes packing

matt coating
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IML varnish

in two sizes packing

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take a look

very glossy water-base coating

in two sizes packing

very glossy coating
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“Satisfied customer is the best source of advertisement”


“The best action you can take as a business professional is to treat each client as a valued customer.”

Jeff Junson
bussiness manager

“It’s okay to be wrong but it’s not okay to not accept it. When we fail to acknowledge and admit that we were wrong, we hinder our mind from learning something new.”

Abii R.Tency
sales manager